About Me

Hi, I’m Owen Harvey and I’m a 3D Artist, based just north of London.

I am a professional 3D Artist and I love creating artwork. Whether its in 3D, 2D, Drawing, painting, or photography.

I’ve got 4 years experience within the creative industry working for such companies as

  • Draft FCB
  • Mars
  • Nestle
  • Spec Savers
  • Saatchi and Saatchi

For the Last few years I have been focusing on Lighting and composition, but I also love anatomy and drawing. I keep developing these skills and interests in my personal projects. These little side projects are also perfect playgrounds for learning and trying out new techniques.

Besides being interested in 3D things, I have got a particular passion for photography. What fascinates me about photography is how most of the aspects of photography relate back to 3D. How does the lighting affect the scene and subject? Are the subject and scene complimenting or contrasting each other.


When I’m not working on creative projects, I love spending  time with my wife and our pet Lionhead Dwarf bunny. I enjoy traveling, walking and riding my motorcycle.


Please, take a look around my site, keep up to date with my work on my blog, have a look at some of my basic tutorials covering a range of topics, or stop by my portfolio for a look at some of my latest 3D work…And don’t be a stranger!


  • 07866 594 717